Nazar Tokar

Frontend developer and Designer


HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap

More: Compass, Foundation, Bourbon.


JS (since 2010), jQuery, Backbone, Underscore, jQuery UI, Grunt/Gulp.

Moreover: Wordpress, PHP, MySQL.


Website design + UX Design, (since 2004).

See my design portfolio.

Nazar Tokar
About me

2002 — I started programming as a hobby. Both not a game and not a work.

2007 — teacher in «IT-Step» computer academy, the largest one in Ukraine. Courses: HTML, usability, web-techologies.

2009 — freelance developer with — a surprise — unexpectedly wide experience.

2010-2011 — created a number of scripts which are being used on 10k+ websites. See examples below.

Today — experienced frontend developer.



Software: Photoshop (10 years), Illustrator (6 years).

OS: ability to work with operating systems: MS Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS.

Mountain bikes, Swimming, Traveling.



Feedback form script. Works at any CMS or even plain HTML website. Script form sends callback query to administrator's e-mail and/or SMS.

See Demo

One-click buy script for any website. Especially good for online shopping as an additional function for shopping cart. It sends new offers to the administrator email and/or SMS.

See Demo

Bukvus 1.1.0

Webscript for grammar mistakes searching. Anyone can highlight the text and push Ctrl+Enter to inform the administrator.

See Demo

QuickBox 0.5

Simple script for dislpaying bigger pictures without leaving the page. As light as 4kb and works with any modern browser.

See Demo
Vladimir Chmil PHP developer
Nazar is a reliable high-class professional. Working with Nazar was easy as he completely understands customer needs. Nazar also is a self-disciplined person. Such ability is critical for any project.

Denis Koltsov Web developer at SoftWear Finance
I've worked with Nazar just on one project, but it was enough for me to see what a great professional he is. He is very passionate about his work, calm and fast, keeps everything under control. I would recommend Nazar both as web-developer and web-designer.

Sergey Miroshnichenko Freelance Manager
We were looking for frontend coder with high html skills and asked Nazar to help us. We got our project done without any questions and it-time. Thanks for the work!

Bohdan Marynchenko Quality Control Engineer at Infopulse Ukraine
Nazar is not only a careful and goal oriented colleague but also an inspiring engineer. Nazar is a creative employee. Knowledge of IT technologies in connection with modern way of managing make Nazar an employee with really huge potential.

Alexandr Logvinov System Administrator at XOtel
Nazar helped us to finish the project for our foreign client. I advise him as a great front-end specialist with high HTML skills.

Natalie Tretiakova Sales Director at TERRASSE
Nazar conscientious manager and it is really pleasure to work with. Responsible and talented. I do highly recommend his candidature

Marina Miftakhudinova Senior Digital Planner/buyer - РА Site-Seeing
Excellent specialist.Observes the deadline.That was a quality job he did.The specialist you can rely

Ivan Polovina Network Administrator
Nazar is well organised, good skilled frontend developer. It was pleasant for me to work with him. He always cares about deadlines. He is very respectful guy, speedy to get new skills. Respect!

Dmitry Kalinin Python / Javascript Developer - Modera Group
Nazar Tokar is good frontend expert. Goal oriented, responsible and high skilled in js

Kyrylo Khmelov Head of Sales, Mass Segment at FreshTel Communications
Nazar is real expert in his work: customer-oriented, attentive and technically smart.

Alexander Erohov 2D artist at Freelance
Nazar is a high experienced specialist in HTML coding. I used to offer js-scripts to him and can advise Nazar as a professional.

Sergey Seletsky Software Architect
Nazar is brilliant professional whose technical knowledge in web design and development tools is outstanding. I was impressed how easily he can create web solution. Nazar has well-structured and logical mindset and good communication skills. He is result-oriented and also has striking personality.

Sergii Molybog CEO at MarchCats
Nazar is a proven expert in each and every aspect of developing flawless frontend, using cutting edge technologies. I am very satisfied with our collaboration and definitely recommend him as a person whom you can trust.

Ekaterina Belan Communications Executive at Popsop Ltd.
Nazar provides high-quality service for a moderate fee. Keep up the good work!

Oleg Rogynskyy CEO & Founder at Semantria
High quality work, good communications and always on time. Is able to delegate and control his team. Would recommend to anyone who needs a fast and quality outsourcing team.




In progress.