Callme 2.0

The most popular Callback Script on the Runet


The script is very simple to install and use. Setup will take up to 10 min.


Runs on any platform: Joomla, Prestashop, Bitrix, Wordpress, Opencart, Webasyst, ModX and others, where you have FTP access.


You can recieve notifications via e-mail and SMS. default version includes templates for setting up the 5 most popular sms-providers and settings for SMTP.


Launched in 2011 and now running 5k+ sites.


Let's see how Callme works. Click any of the links below. Click this one to see the form. Click this. Click again to hide the form.

Quite simply: any object which has to sow the form must have an argument: class="callme_viewform"

Includes 6 different skins which change with the help of CSS. To select a different template, change the variable as it showed in config.js.

All settings are specified in the callme/js/config.js. To change the form fields, type their names in a variable fields with a comma. For textarea you should add minu before the field name.

All parameters are specified as object properties of cmeData in this format: "property name": "value" and separated by commas. If this sounds complicated, don't worry, you've got an example below.

You can specify which fields are required by adding * after the field in the variable fields.

F.e. Name*

The field name can differ from the placeholder parameter. To specify what text will be used as a placeholder, type it in brackets after the field name. This option will be valid for text fields and textareas.

F.e. Name(Fill in your name), -Question (Please fill the question)

Parameter Usage Default
title Form title Call me please
button Button caption Submit
txt.callTime Call time Call time
alert.sending Sending process Sending...
alert.setCallTime If call time is not specified Specify the call time
txt.tmrw Call time: toworrow tomorrow Call time: today today
Parameter Usage Default
showButton Show the fixed button on the right? 1 yes
0 no
fields List of the form fields. Separated by commas.
  • text field — no additional code needed ( your name )
  • textarea — put minus before the name ( -Your Question )
  • dropdown list — put ! before the name and separate the variantswit the same symbol ( !Delivery!Postmail!Fedex )
  • checkbox — put ? before the name ( ?Fast delivery )
  • if the field is required, put * after it ( name* )
callTime Show call time? 1 yes
0 no
workStart, workEnd Start and the end of the workday (in hours) workStart "8"
workEnd "19"
center Where the form the be shown 1 in the middle of the screen
0 close to the click place
template Template name. Starting from version 2.0 hello kitty is renamed to pink. default, apple, vk, fb, blackred, pink
license License to hide the copyright legally. This key can be purchased here) 00000000
showCopyright Whether to display copyright information; valid only if the license field specified 1 yes
0 no

This code is the default value, which is saved in the file callme/js/config.js. It will work if you don't touch it. If you want to change the values​​, use the table above. If something goes wrong, copypaste the code and replace the one you got.

var cmeData = {
	"showButton": "1", 
	"fields": "Name, Phone(Your Number)*, -Comment*, !Delivery!Fedex!USPS, ?Fast Delivery",
	"title": "Call me",
	"button": "Submit", 
	"callTime": "1", 
	"txt.callTime": "Call time",
	"": "today",
	"txt.tmrw": "tomorrow",
	"txt.till": "to",
	"txt.hours": "hrs.",

	"alert.sending": "Sending...", 
	"alert.setCallTime": "Choose the call time", 

	"mail.referrer": "URL soure", 
	"mail.url": "URL", 

	"workStart": "8",
	"workEnd": "19",
	"center": "1",
	"template": "pink",

	"license": "0",
	"showCopyright": "0"

I remind you that the settings are to be stored in a file cellme/js/config.js.

Note: If you are upgrading from an older Callme version, you'll need to remove the code, and install the script again. It's easy, however, the code must be upgraded.

Instruction: how to set SMS in Buyme and Callme.

Download the archive (link can be found below), unpack it and upload to your website via FTP. Use Notepad++ or Sublime Text (not Notepad) to edit file callme/lib/send.php to change your notifications' e-mail in it. If mail sending is not working or you have extra time, you can setup notifitacions via SMTP. Use callme/lib/smtp.php for this.

Before the </head> add this line:

<script src="/callme/js/callme.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

You need to buy a license to remove copyright. It's worth at least $7 at your discretion. Details are on license page. Pay and fill the form on this website, I'll send the activation key.