QuickBox 0.5

Simple and quick js-script for images zooming.

Fits any Website

Online shops, blogs, personal websites — script can be used on any resource.


Installation takes up to 10 min. The script works even with older versions of jQuery (from 1.4), if you do not want to change anything on your website fundamentally.


You can control your photos viewing directly via the keyboard.

Buttons and — used for scrolling left and right, Esc — close the viewer.

What's QuickBox

QuickBox — is a simple script for zooming images. For an example I made this page with a few pictures. You can use it with any number of pictures. The script is suitable for any website, especially to view enlarged photos in online stores. QuickBox can work with all modern browsers (Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, IE10 +).

Demo How QuickBox works

This is an example of how to behave in QuickBox work. Feel free to click on any image.

Set up

To set up the script upload files from the zip-archive to any folder via FTP and add following lines into the tag head:

<script src="qb/js/qb.js"></script>

Make sure that the jQuery is conected; if no, download it from here. Check the script path is correct. QuickBox requires at least 1.4 version of jQuery.

Step Two

Each image you want to be viewed in a new layer using QuickBox, assign an attribute: class="quickbox". You don't have to do anything more. Image description is taken from the title or alt attribute. Here's the example:

<a class="quickbox" href="i/06.jpg" title="Desciption">
<img src="i/06s.jpg" alt="">