Nazar Tokar

UX Designer, HTML Coder

High-skilled UX Designer & HTML/Frontend Coder

Looking For EU relocation or distance job

HOT!Msk — Moscow Hotels
HOT!Msk was a hotel booking service in Russia. Here's the hotel description page: tabbed information about rooms, reviews, slideshow of hotel photos, rooms list. Similar hotels are shown in the right side. Icons show which services the hotel has. I was responsible for all the design.
Moscow, Russia
Online perfume shop. I was responsible for the design of all the elements and HTML-coding.
Proline Telecom
Proline is online shopping service, the catalog contains thousands of products. The design is simply, useful and neutral.
Proex Panama
Logo and print design for Panama based transport company. Additionally design for print ads for buses.
Panama City, Panama
Bordeaux Province
Design for "Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux", Internation Bordeaux Wine Board.
Daily Football
Football community: news, discussion forums, user control panel, game results. My job: logo, website design.
Moscow, Russia
Proline CMS
Proline CMS is PHP-based content management system with a number of modules and add-ons. My responsibilites are: user interface, content tables, editor, preview forms etc. Summary 21 template.
Moscow, Russia
Logo design for lawyers company.
Italy, Ukraine
Chatrix — is one the largest tv-chats in ex-USSR. I made: all design and general website style, additionally forum design and print design. Chatrix has light design and useful user oriented design.
HOT!Msk — Hotels Booking
HOT!Msk was a hotel booking service in Russia. Here's the booking page design.
Moscow, Russia
Print design for NY night clubs.
New York, US
Joachim Garraud
Print design for Joachim Garraud, dj from France.